Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values


We envision a world where communities use science to inform policy decisions.


To guide communities in using science for social good.

Core Values


We know that diverse voices working together create better strategies, policies, and action. Inclusion makes us all stronger. 

Grassroots Community Organizing

We seek to empower our community by encouraging participation in democracy, amplifying our voices by speaking together. 

Scientific Literacy

We understand that a practical knowledge of the scientific process helps communities make better personal and political choices. 

Evidence-Based Policy

We know that the best policies are not created by political ideologies or media talking points. Instead, the most useful legislation accesses relevant information across fields. 

Integrated Disciplines

We seek collaboration over competition, in learning from one another, and in devising creative solutions by including a diversity of opinions. 

True Dialogue 

We know that the practice of science should be accessible, transparent, and accountable to the community. This means active listening, accurate reporting, and responsive research.


We understand that strong policy decisions transcend political parties. We seek to speak meaningfully to influence policy, rather than politics.