Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Science Demands Action Mentorship Program is to help young aspiring scientists and health professionals by bridging the gap between dedicated students from underrepresented populations entering into STEM undergraduate and graduate/professional programs.

With the proper exposure and leadership, individuals from communities and racial backgrounds that have historically disproportionate  representation in the science and medical fields can begin to turn-the-tide of this long- standing delineation.

The program described will target high school students with a focus on helping them matriculate at the undergraduate level into an institution suitable to their needs, and reflective of their overall career aspirations.

The program will also help undergraduates enter the graduate level by facilitating opportunities and managing checkpoints pertinent to their program-specific needs. Mentors will play a key life role in establishing a connection to eager science

The SDA Mentorship Program begins spring semester 2019 with high school students at Health Sciences Charter School.

If you are interested in applying for mentor or mentee positions please fill out the appropriate form below.