Science Demands Action (SDA) is a grassroots, forward-thinking, millennial led organization of volunteers guiding communities in using science for social good.

SDA’s supporters envision a world where communities use science to inform policy decisions. We currently advance our mission with community based informational services reflecting our core values of scientific literacy, evidence based policy, diversity, grassroots community organizing, interdisciplinary dialogue, and nonpartisanship. All of our 2018 programming will answer the question: what can science do for you?

SDA was created by the regional planners for the first annual Buffalo March for Science as an answer to what would happen on the local level after the march. Both the Executive Director and President of the Board of SDA are millennial women in science. The Executive Director is LGBTQ. The President of the Board is a woman of color. The Board of Directors is 86% millennial, 57% people of color, 57% women, and 14% recent immigrants. The Board presently draws from students and community members in medicine, research, engineering, education, policy, and community advocacy engaged in the organization.